§33-25D-19. Quality assurance.
(a) Each prepaid limited health service organization shall have in writing a quality assurance program approved by the commissioner which describes the program's objectives, organization and problem solving activities.

(b) The scope of the quality assurance program shall include, at a minimum:

(1) Organizational arrangements and responsibilities for quality management and improvement processes;

(2) A documented utilization management program;

(3) Written policies and procedures for credentialing and recredentialing physicians and other licensed providers who fall under the scope of authority of the prepaid limited health service organization;

(4) A written policy that addresses enrollees' rights and responsibilities;

(5) The adoption of practice guidelines for the use of preventive health services; and

(6) Any other criteria considered necessary by the commissioner.

(c) This section becomes effective on the first day of May, one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine.