§33-25-9. Annual report.

Every corporation shall annually on or before the first day of March, file, with its application for renewal license, a report, verified by an officer of the corporation, with the commissioner, showing its condition on the last day of the preceding calendar year, on forms required by section fourteen, article four of this chapter, which report shall include:

(a) A financial statement of such corporation, including its balance sheet and its receipts and disbursements for the preceding calendar year;

(b) A list of the names and residence addresses of all its officers and directors, and the total amount of expense reimbursement to all officers and directors during the preceding calendar year;

(c) The number of subscribers' contracts issued by such corporation and outstanding;

(d) The names of those persons (other than subscribers), corporations, associations, and institutions with which such corporation has agreements;

(e) Number and type of services currently covered under the health care plan of the corporation.