§33-25-2. Definitions.

For the purpose of this article, unless the context otherwise indicates:

(a) "Health care corporation" or "corporation" shall mean a corporation organized and licensed under the provisions of this article.

(b) "Direct health care services" shall, subject to the limitations contained in this article, include all such services as are designed to preserve or restore a person's health.

(c) "Subscriber" shall mean a person (including, as the case may be, the members of his family) who subscribes to the direct health care plan of a corporation.

(d) "Commissioner" means the insurance commissioner of the state of West Virginia.

(e) "Statutory surplus" means the minimum amount of unencumbered surplus which an association or corporation must maintain pursuant to the requirements of this article.

(f) "Surplus" means the amount by which an association's or corporation's assets exceeds its liabilities and required reserves based upon the financial information which would be required by this chapter for the preparation of the association's or corporation's annual statement.