§33-22-7. Filing and approval of policy; setting out terms and conditions; limiting liability; standard forms or provisions.
(a) No policy form shall be issued or used by any such company unless such form has been filed with and approved by the commissioner. The filing, approval and disapproval of such forms shall be governed by the provisions of sections eight and nine, article six of this chapter and section eight, article seventeen of this chapter in the same manner as form filings of other insurers.

(b) All terms and conditions of such policies shall be set forth in full in the policy or endorsements attached thereto including the contingent liability, if any, of the policyholder and no provision purporting to make any portion of the charter, bylaws or other documents a part of the policy shall be valid unless such portion is set forth in full in the policy.

(c) Policies may limit the liability of the company to a fixed percent of the value of the property insured.

(d) Whenever the commissioner believes the public interest requires a standard form for a particular kind of coverage, the commissioner may prescribe a standard form of policy for such companies, or a standard specific provision to be inserted in such policies, and all policies thereafter issued by such companies shall conform to such standard forms or provisions.