§33-22-2. Applicability of other provisions.
Each company to the same extent that provisions are applicable to domestic mutual insurers shall be governed by and be subject to the following provisions of this chapter, but only to the extent these provisions are not inconsistent with the provisions of this article: Article one (definitions); article two (insurance commissioner); article four (general provisions), except that section sixteen of said article may not be applicable thereto; article seven (assets and liabilities); article eight-a (use of clearing corporations and federal reserve book-entry system); article ten (rehabilitation and liquidation), except that under the provisions of section thirty-two of said article assessments may not be levied against any former member of a farmers' mutual fire insurance company who is no longer a member of the company at the time the order to show cause was issued; article eleven (unfair trade practices); article twelve (insurance producers and solicitors), except that the agent's license fee shall be five dollars; section six-a, article seventeen (notice of noncoverage of flood damages and the availability of flood insurance); article twenty-six (West Virginia Insurance Guaranty Association Act); article twenty-seven (insurance holding company systems); article thirty (mine subsidence insurance), except that under the provisions of section six of said article a farmers' mutual insurance company shall have the option of offering mine subsidence coverage to all of its policyholders, but may not be required to do so; article thirty-three (annual audited financial report); article thirty-four (administrative supervision); article thirty-four-a (standards and commissioner's authority for companies considered to be in hazardous financial condition); article thirty-five (criminal sanctions for failure to report impairment); article thirty-six (business transacted with Producer-Controlled Property-Casualty Insurer Act); article thirty-seven (managing general agents); article thirty-nine (disclosure of material transactions); article forty (risk-based capital for insurers); and article forty-one (Insurance Fraud Prevention Act).