§33-21-14. Who may be subscribers.
Individuals, partnerships, and corporations of this state may make application, enter into agreement for and hold policies or contracts in or with and be a subscriber of any domestic, foreign, or alien reciprocal insurer. Any public or private corporation now or hereafter created by or organized under the laws of this state shall, in addition to the rights, powers, and franchises specified in its articles of incorporation, have full power and authority as a subscriber to exchange insurance contracts through such reciprocal insurance. The right to exchange such contracts is hereby declared to be incidental to the purposes for which such corporations are organized and to be as fully granted as the rights and powers expressly conferred upon such corporations. Any officer, representative, trustee, receiver, or legal representative of any such subscriber shall be recognized as acting for or on its behalf for the purpose of such contract but shall not be personally liable upon such contract by reason of acting in such representative capacity.