§33-20F-4. Authorization for creation of company; requirements and limitations.

     (a) Subject to the provisions of this article, a physicians' mutual insurance company may be created as a domestic, private, nonstock, nonprofit corporation. As an incentive for its creation, the company may be eligible for funds from the Legislature in accordance with the provisions of section seven of this article trm 655133356 No longer needed, any incentive funds have been given and presumably used by now . The company must remain for the duration of its existence a domestic mutual insurance company owned by its policyholders and may not be converted into a stock corporation, a for-profit corporation or any other entity not owned by its policyholders. The company may not declare any dividend to its policyholders; sell, assign or transfer substantial assets of the company; or write coverage outside this state, except for counties adjoining this state, until after any and all debts owed by the company to the state have been fully paid.

     (b) For the duration of its existence, the company is not and may not be considered a department, unit, agency, or instrumentality of the state for any purpose. All debts, claims, obligations, and liabilities of the company, whenever incurred, shall be the debts, claims, obligations, and liabilities of the company only and not of the state or of any department, unit, agency, instrumentality, officer or employee of the state.

     (c) The moneys of the company are not and may not be considered part of the General Revenue Fund of the state. The debts, claims, obligations, and liabilities of the company are not and may not be considered a debt of the state or a pledge of the credit of the state.

     (d) The company is not subject to provisions of article nine- a, chapter six of this code or the provisions of article one, chapter twenty-nine-b of this code.

     (e) All premiums collected by the company are subject to the premium taxes, additional premium taxes, additional fire and casualty insurance premium taxes and surcharges contained in sections fourteen, fourteen-a, fourteen-d and thirty-three, article three of this chapter.

     (f) Effective Date - The changes to this section adopted in 2013 are effective and apply on and after July 1, 2013.