§33-17-4. Information as to insurer.
There shall be printed on such standard fire insurance policy the name of the insurer or insurers issuing the policy, the location of the home office or United States office of the insurer or insurers, a statement whether such insurer or insurers be stock corporations, mutual corporations, reciprocal insurers, or otherwise, and there may be added thereto such device or emblem as the insurer or insurers issuing such policy may desire. If the policy is issued by a mutual or reciprocal insurer having special regulations with respect to the payment of assessments by the policyholder or subscriber, such regulations shall be printed on the policy, and any such insurer may print upon the policy such regulations as may be appropriate to or required by its form of organization. Any insurer organized under special charter provisions may so indicate upon its policy, and may add a statement of the plan under which it operates in this state. There may be substituted for the word "company" a more accurate descriptive term for the type of insurer. There may also be added a statement of the group of insurers with which the insurer is financially affiliated. In lieu of the facsimile signatures of the president and secretary of the insurer there may be used the name or names of such officers or managers as are authorized to execute the contract.