§33-17-2. Standard fire policy.
No policy of fire insurance covering property located in West Virginia shall be made, issued or delivered unless it conforms as to all provisions and the sequence thereof with the basic policy commonly known as the New York standard fire policy, edition of one thousand nine hundred forty-three, which is designated as the West Virginia standard fire policy; except that with regard to multiple line coverages providing casualty insurance combined with fire insurance this section shall not apply if the policy contains, with respect to the fire portion thereof, language at least as favorable to the insured as the applicable portions of the standard fire policy and such multiple line policy has been approved by the commissioner. As of the effective date of this chapter, the commissioner shall file in his office, and thereafter maintain on file in his office, a true copy of such West Virginia standard fire policy, designated as such and bearing the commissioner's authenticating certificate and signature and the date of filing. Provisions to be contained on the first page of the policy may be rewritten, and rearranged to facilitate policy issuance and to include matter which may otherwise properly be added by endorsement. The standard fire insurance policy shall not be required for casualty insurance, marine insurance nor insurance on growing crops.