§33-13-47. Burial insurance.
(a) Burial insurance is that type of insurance whereby an insurer agrees to pay for any or all of the incidents of the burial of the body of a named or designated person, whether such insurance is evidenced or effected by any kind of agreement, policy, contract, bond, assurance, guarantee, bylaw, regulation, or otherwise. No provision of this article except this section shall apply to burial insurance, and no provision of article fourteen of this chapter shall apply to burial insurance.

(b) Burial insurance shall be transacted only by insurers licensed in this state to transact life insurance.

(c) All burial insurance benefits shall be paid in cash to the beneficiary. No insurer issuing burial insurance shall contract to pay or pay such benefits or any part thereof to any official undertaker, designated undertaker or undertaking concern, or to any particular tradesman or businessman.

(d) This section shall not apply to fraternal benefit societies operating under article twenty-three of this chapter or to any organization of employees under a common employer.