§33-12B-11a. Emergency adjusters and insurance emergencies; definitions; authorization of temporary emergency adjusters; applications; limitations and authority.

(a) For purposes of this section, the following definitions shall apply:

(1) "Emergency adjuster" means an individual authorized by the commissioner to act as an insurance adjuster in the circumstances of an insurance emergency.

(2) "Insurance emergency" means a temporary situation as declared by the insurance commissioner when the number of licensed adjusters in the state of West Virginia is inadequate to meet the demands of the public.

(b) Whenever the commissioner determines that a state insurance emergency exists in the state of West Virginia, the commissioner may authorize individuals to be emergency adjusters. The commissioner may authorize such number of additional adjusters as he considers necessary to adequately address the emergency condition existing in the state.

(c) Any insurance company licensed to do business in this state may submit to the commissioner an application requesting appointment and authorization of one or more emergency adjusters. Each such application shall state the names of any individuals that the company wishes to be authorized as emergency adjusters and other information as the commissioner may require.

(d) The commissioner shall act on the application within twenty-four hours after such application has been submitted to him. Emergency adjusters shall be authorized to act as such only upon approval of the application by the commissioner.

(e) Any such emergency license is valid only for so long as the commissioner specifies, not to exceed a period of one hundred twenty days.

(f) During the time an individual is licensed as an emergency adjuster, he or she has the same power, authority and responsibility as other adjusters authorized by this article.