§33-12-28. Service representative permit.
Individual nonresidents of West Virginia, employed on salary by an insurer, who enter the state to assist and advise resident individual insurance producers in the solicitation, negotiation, making or procuring of contracts of insurance on risks resident, located or to be performed in West Virginia shall obtain a service representative permit. The commissioner may, upon receipt of a properly prepared application, issue the permit without requiring a written examination therefor. On or after the first day of July, two thousand four, no service representative license will be issued which is not a renewal of an existing license. The fee for a service representative permit shall be twenty-five dollars and the permit shall expire at midnight on the thirty-first day of March next following the date of issuance. Issuance of a service representative permit may not entitle the holder to countersign policies. The representative may not in any manner sell, solicit, negotiate, make or procure insurance in this state except when in the actual company of the licensed resident individual producer whom he or she has been assigned to assist. All fees collected under this section shall be used for the purposes set forth in section thirteen, article three of this chapter.