§33-12-6a. Residency-Individuals-Agencies.
The commissioner may qualify an applicant as a resident of this state and shall issue an insurance producer license to any qualified resident person of this state in accordance with the following:

(1) An individual applicant may qualify as a resident only if he or she resides in this state. Any license issued pursuant to any application claiming residency for licensing purposes shall constitute an election of residency in this state and shall be void if the licensee, while holding a resident license in this state, also holds or makes application for a license in or thereafter claims to be a resident of any other state or jurisdiction, or if the licensee ceases to be a resident of this state.

(2) An insurance agency or business entity may qualify as a resident if the agency has its principal office in this state;

(3) The resident person is in compliance with the requirements of section six of this article.