§33-10-4c. Proceedings for expedited trial, continuances, discovery, evidence.
(a) The court shall hear the case at the time and date set forth for trial without a jury and without unnecessary delays. To the extent not inconsistent with other laws or applicable rules, the court shall give priority to the matter over all other matters. To the extent otherwise authorized by law or applicable rules, the court may assign the matter to other judges if necessary to comply with the need for expedited proceedings under this article.

(b) Continuances for trial shall be granted only in extreme circumstances.

(c) The court shall receive as self-authenticated any of the following when offered by the commissioner:

(1) Certified copies of the financial statements made by the person; and

(2) Certified copies of examination reports of the person made by or on behalf of the commissioner.

(d) The facts contained in any such examination report shall be presumed to be true as of the date of the hearing if the examination was made as of a date not more than two hundred seventy days before the petition was filed. This presumption shall be rebuttable and shall shift the burden of production and persuasion.

(e) Discovery shall be limited to grounds alleged in the petition, and shall be concluded on an expedited basis.