§33-6A-5. Hearings and review by commissioner; action by commissioner; judicial review.
For the implementation of this article and for advising all persons of their rights and privileges under this article, the commissioner, by regulation and in accordance with section thirteen, article two of this chapter, shall establish a procedure whereby any person whose automobile liability insurance policy has been cancelled or whose policy has not been renewed without proper notice being given to such insured, may within forty-five days after the mailing of notice of cancellation or nonrenewal appeal such cancellation or nonrenewal to the commissioner for hearing and review. The appeal and hearing shall relate to the ground or grounds upon which the insurer's action is based. The commissioner after such hearing may affirm the insurer's cancellation or nonrenewal, or may reinstate the policy and if reinstated such policy shall become effective from the date of cancellation or nonrenewal. Either party may appeal the commissioner's ruling to the circuit court of the county in which the applicant or the insured resides in accordance with section fourteen, article two of this chapter.