§33-6-4. Who may contract for insurance; competency of minors.
(a) Any person of competent legal capacity may contract for insurance.

(b) A minor not less than fifteen years of age as at nearest birthday, may notwithstanding such minority, contract for life or accident and sickness insurance on his own life or body, for his own benefit or for the benefit of his father or mother, spouse, child, brother, sister or grandparents. Such a minor shall, notwithstanding such minority, be deemed competent to exercise all rights and powers with respect to or under any contract of life or accident and sickness on his own life or body, as though of full legal age, and may surrender his interest therein and give a valid discharge for any benefit accruing or money payable thereunder. The minor shall not, by reason of his minority, be entitled to rescind, avoid or repudiate the contract, nor to rescind, avoid or repudiate any exercise of a right or privilege thereunder, except that such minor, not otherwise emancipated, shall not be bound by any unperformed agreement to pay, by promissory note or otherwise, any premium on any such insurance contract.