§33-4A-2. Establishment and development of an all-payer claims database.

     (a) The secretary, commissioner and chair, collectively referred to herein as the "MOU parties", shall enter into a memorandum of understanding to develop an all-payer claims database program.

     (b) The memorandum of understanding shall, at a minimum:

     (1) Provide that the commissioner will have primary responsibility for the collection of the data in order to facilitate the efficient administration of state oversight, the secretary will have primary responsibility for the retention of data supplied to the state under its health care oversight function, and the chair will have primary responsibility for the dissemination of the data;

     (2) Delineate the MOU parties' roles, describe the process to develop legislative rules required by this article, establish communication processes and a coordination plan, and address vendor relationship management;

     (3) Provide for the development of a plan for the financial stability of the APCD, including provision for funding by the MOU parties' agencies; and

     (4) Provide for the use of the hospital discharge data collected by the West Virginia Health Care Authority as a tool in the validation of APCD reports.