§33-4-19. Domestics to comply with reciprocal state laws.

No domestic insurer shall transact insurance in any "reciprocal state" in which it is not then duly and properly licensed to transact insurance.

(a) A reciprocal state, as used herein, shall mean a state which has in effect a similar prohibition against insurers domiciled in that state.

(b) This section shall not apply to:

(1) Contracts entered into where the prospective insurant is personally present in the state in which the insurer is authorized to transact insurance when they sign the application.

(2) The issuance of certificates under a lawfully transacted group life or group disability policy, where the master policy was entered into in a state in which the insurer was then authorized to transact insurance.

(3) Insurance covering persons or risks located in a reciprocal state, under contracts solicited and issued in states in which the insurer is then licensed. Nor shall it prohibit insurance effectuated by the insurer as an unauthorized insurer in accordance with the laws of the reciprocal state.