§33-3-4. Charter, documents and information to be filed.
Every insurer applying for an initial license shall file with the commissioner accompanying its application:

(a) A certified copy of its charter with all amendments;

(b) A certified copy of its bylaws with all amendments;

(c) A copy of its annual statement as of December thirty- first last preceding;

(d) A copy of report of last examination, if any, made of the insurer, certified by the insurance supervisory official of the state of domicile of a foreign insurer or the state of entry into the United States of an alien insurer;

(e) If a foreign or alien insurer, a certificate of the public official having supervision of insurance in the state or country of domicile of such insurer showing that it is authorized to transact the kinds of insurance proposed to be transacted in West Virginia;

(f) If an alien insurer, a copy of the appointment and authority of its United States manager;

(g) Certificate of deposit where deposits are required by this chapter;

(h) Such other information and documents as the commissioner deems necessary for the protection of policyholders or to assure compliance with this chapter.