§33-2-9a. Imposing a one-time assessment on all insurance carriers.
For the purpose of completely novating the physician liability currently borne by the state under the West Virginia health care provider professional liability insurance availability act found in article twelve-b, chapter twenty-nine of this code, and to help capitalize the physicians' mutual insurance company created pursuant to article twenty-f of this chapter, and for all the reasons set forth in section two of said article, the insurance commissioner shall impose a special one-time assessment of two thousand five hundred dollars on all insurers licensed under this chapter for the privilege of writing insurance in the state of West Virginia, except risk retention groups defined in subsection (f), section four, article thirty-two of this chapter and risk purchasing groups defined in subsection (e), section seventeen of said article. The assessment is due and payable on the first day of July, two thousand three. The commissioner shall transfer funds collected pursuant to this section to the physicians' mutual insurance company.