§32A-2-2. License required.
(a) Except as provided by section three of this article, a person may not engage in the business of currency exchange, transportation or transmission in this state without a license issued under this article. For purposes of this article, a person is considered to be engaging in those businesses in this state if he or she makes available, from a location inside or outside this state, an internet website West Virginia citizens may access in order to enter into those transactions by electronic means.

(b) Any person who was previously licensed as a check seller under this chapter who holds a valid license on the effective date of this article shall be issued a provisional license under this article without the need of an additional application and fee. This provisional license shall expire upon six months of its issuance, during which time the licensee may continue to conduct its check selling business, provided that it maintains the net worth and security required under its previous license. The commissioner may require the licensee to obtain expanded bond coverage consistent with this article for the protection of purchasers of money transmission services and currency exchange services, as well as for covered currency transportation services, when the licensee conducts one or more of these businesses. At the expiration of a provisional license granted by this section, any person who wishes to continue to engage in any business regulated in this article shall apply for a license and meet the criteria under the provisions of this article. A provisional license granted by this section may upon hearing be suspended or revoked by the commissioner for good cause shown.