§31E-1-124. Correcting filed document.
(a) A domestic or foreign corporation may correct a document filed by the secretary of state if:

(1) The document contains an inaccuracy;

(2) The document was defectively executed, attested, sealed, verified or acknowledged; or

(3) The electronic transmission was defective.

(b) A document is corrected:

(1) By preparing articles of correction that:

(A) Describe the document, including its filing date, or attach a copy of the document to the articles;

(B) Specify the inaccuracy or defect to be corrected; and (C) Correct the inaccuracy or defect; and

(2) By delivering the articles to the secretary of state for filing.

(c) Articles of correction are effective on the effective date of the document they correct: Provided, That articles of correction are effective when filed as to persons who have relied on the uncorrected document and have been adversely affected by the correction.