§31A-8E-4. Interstate branching by out-of-state banks through de novo entry or acquisition of branches in West Virginia.

Beginning on the thirty-first day of May, one thousand nine hundred ninety-seven, an out-of-state bank that does not operate a branch in this state and that meets the requirements of this article may establish and maintain a de novo branch in this state, and may also establish and maintain a branch in this state through the acquisition of a branch: Provided, That branches may be so established in West Virginia by out-of-state banks only if the laws of the home state of the out-of-state bank permit West Virginia state banks to establish and maintain de novo branches or to acquire and maintain branches, as applicable, under substantially the same terms and conditions as set forth in this article. If the law of the other state restricts such entry by a West Virginia state bank to that other state, then the board may similarly limit the authority granted by this article for banks having their main office located in that state.