§31A-2-12a. Establishment of deposit acquisition limitation.
After a review of the structure of depository institutions in the state of West Virginia, the Legislature hereby determines that:

(a) It is in the best interest of this state and its citizens to foster and encourage healthy competition among its domestic depository institutions;

(b) Obtaining excessive concentration or control of the deposit resources of this state by merger or acquisition is antithetical to fostering a competitive environment; and

(c) Therefore, an acquisition or merger shall not be permitted under this chapter or otherwise if upon consummation of the transaction, the resulting depository institution or its holding company, including any depository institution(s) affiliated therewith, would assume sufficient additional deposits to cause it to control deposits in this state in excess of the following acquisition deposit limitation amount: Twenty percent of the total amount of all deposits held by insured depository institutions, which permissible amount shall increase to twenty-five percent of such total deposits on the thirty-first day of May, one thousand nine hundred ninety-seven.

(d) The term "depository institutions", as used in this section, shall include, but is not limited to, state-chartered banking institutions, national banking associations, federalsavings and loan associations, bank holding companies, savings and loan holding companies, federal savings banks, state-chartered credit unions and federally-chartered credit unions.

(e) Any merger or acquisition contrary to this provision is unlawful: Provided, That the commissioner may by rule adopt a procedure whereby said acquisition deposit limitation as set forth herein may be waived for good cause shown.