§31A-2-3. Deputy commissioner's appointment, tenure, salary, qualifications, oath and bond; exercise of commissioner's powers by deputy.
The deputy commissioner of banking shall be appointed by and be under the supervision and direction of the commissioner of banking. The deputy commissioner's tenure in office shall be at the will and pleasure of the commissioner. The deputy commissioner's salary shall be fixed annually by the commissioner and shall be payable in installments as provided by law.

Any person appointed as deputy commissioner shall have had at least three years' experience as an active executive officer of a bank in this state or a minimum of three years' experience in a bank examining or supervisory capacity for this state, for other states, or for the federal government, or a combination thereof, or a minimum of four years' combined experience as such active bank executive officer and in such examining or supervisory capacity.

Before entering upon the discharge of the duties of his office, the deputy commissioner shall comply with the same oath and bond requirements prescribed for the commissioner in section two of this article.

In the event of a vacancy in the office of commissioner or in the event of the disability or absence from the state of the commissioner, the deputy commissioner shall have and may exercise all of the authority and powers of the commissioner and shall be responsible for the performance of all duties, functions and services of the commissioner.