§31A-1-3. Application and construction of chapter.
(a) The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all financial institutions whether formed, organized or created before or after the enactment hereof. All such corporate institutions heretofore formed, organized or created shall amend their certificates of incorporation in all respects necessary to comply with this chapter.

(b) Every person, business or activity under the jurisdiction, supervision and control of the commissioner, whether existing or operating as an individual, association, firm, corporation or otherwise, shall be subject to and be controlled by provisions of this chapter regardless of any word or phrase referring to a particular entity, or form of organization. Wherever in this chapter the word corporation is used or wherever reference is made to stockholders, directors, officers, or other personnel normally applicable only to corporate organizations, such reference, unless the context in which used clearly indicates otherwise, shall be construed to apply to and embrace associations, firms, individuals and any other entity or form of organization by which any business or operations under the jurisdiction, supervision and control of the commissioner may be conducted.