§31-20-30a. Mechanical restraints during pregnancy.
In providing or arranging for the necessary medical and other care and treatment of inmates committed to the Regional Jail Authority's custody, the authority shall assure that pregnant inmates will not be restrained after reaching the second trimester of pregnancy until the end of the pregnancy: Provided, That if the inmate, based upon her classification, discipline history, or other factors deemed relevant by the authority poses a threat of escape, or to the safety of herself, the public, staff or the fetus, the inmate may be restrained in a manner reasonably necessary: Provided, however, That prior to directing the application of restraints and where there is no threat to the safety of the inmate, the public, staff or the fetus, the director or designee shall consult with an appropriate health care professional to assure that the manner of restraint will not pose an unreasonable risk of harm to the inmate or the fetus.