§31-15C-2. Definitions.

     For the purposes of this article:

     (1) "Broadband" or "broadband service" means any service providing advanced telecommunications capability with the same downstream data rate and upstream data rate as is specified by the Federal Communications Commission and that does not require the end-user to dial up a connection that has the capacity to always be on, and for which the transmission speeds are based on regular available bandwidth rates, not sporadic or burstable rates, with latency suitable for real-time applications and services such as voice-over Internet protocol and video conferencing, and with monthly usage capacity reasonably comparable to that of residential terrestrial fixed broadband offerings in urban areas: Provided, That as the Federal Communications Commission updates the downstream data rate and the upstream data rate the council will publish the revised data rates in the State Register within sixty days of the federal update.

     (2) "Broadband demand promotion project" means a statewide or regional project to undertake activities to promote demand for broadband services and broadband applications.

     (3) "Broadband deployment project" means a project to provide broadband services in areas as defined in section six of this article.

     (4) "Council" means the Broadband Enhancement Council.

     (5) "Downstream data rate" means the transmission speed from the service provider source to the end-user.

     (6) "Upstream data rate" means the transmission speed from the end-user to the service provider source.

     (7) "Unserved area" means a community that has no access to broadband service.