§31-15B-5. Covenants of state.
The state of West Virginia covenants and agrees with the holders of the bonds issued pursuant hereto as follows: (1) That such bonds shall constitute a direct and general obligation of the state of West Virginia; (2) that the full faith and credit of the state is hereby pledged to secure the payment of the principal and interest of such bonds; (3) that an annual state tax shall be collected in an amount sufficient to pay as it may accrue the interest on such bonds and the principal thereof; and (4) that such tax shall be levied in any year only to the extent that the moneys transferred to the infrastructure general obligation debt service fund as provided in section sixteen, article fifteen-a of this chapter which are irrevocably set aside and appropriated for and applied to the payment of the interest on and principal of any bond becoming due and payable in such year are insufficient therefor.