§31-15B-4. Infrastructure general obligation debt service fund;

sources used to pay bonds and interest; investment of remainder.

All money from any and all appropriations made by the state, all moneys transferred pursuant to the provisions of section sixteen, article fifteen-a of this chapter and all moneys from any other source whatsoever which is made liable by law for the payment of the principal of such bonds or the interest thereon shall be deposited into the infrastructure general obligation debt service fund. Moneys shall be kept by the treasurer in a separate account, under the designation aforesaid, and all moneys belonging to the infrastructure general obligation debt service fund shall be deposited in the state treasury to the credit thereof.

This fund shall be applied by the treasurer to the payment of the principal and interest on such bonds as shall become due as herein provided. Any funds remaining after certification of the amount necessary for the payment of principal and interest as provided by section sixteen, article fifteen-a and expenses authorized pursuant to section thirteen of this article shall be deposited to the credit of the infrastructure fund.