§31-15-22. Documentary materials concerning trade secrets; commercial or financial information; or confidentiality.

Any documentary material or data made or received by the authority for the purpose of furnishing assistance to a business, to the extent that such material or data consists of trade secrets or commercial or financial information regarding the financial position or business operation of such business, shall not be considered public records and shall be exempt from disclosure pursuant to the provisions of chapter twenty-nine-b of this code. Any discussion or consideration of such trade secrets or commercial or financial information may be held by the authority in executive session closed to the public, notwithstanding the provisions of article nine-a, chapter six of this code: Provided, That the authority shall make publicly available the following information regarding executed loans or its provision of insurance: (1) the name of the debtor, (2) location(s) of the project, (3) amount of the authority loan or financial assistance provided by the insurance fund, (4) the purpose of the loan or financial assistance, (5) the term, rate and interest of the loan, and (6) the fixed assets which serve as security for the loan or insurance provided.