§31-3-5. Removal of timber lodging on lands; damages; taking or carrying away without authority.
If any logs, timber, or other lumber, while floating down any stream, be lodged upon any improved lands or inclosure of another, it shall be the duty of the owner to cause the same to be removed therefrom within sixty days from the time such logs, timber or lumber is lodged. If any person shall, without the authority of the owner, during such sixty days, take, carry away, injure or destroy, or convert to his own use any of such logs, timber or lumber, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, fined not more than one hundred dollars, and, at the discretion of the court, be imprisoned not more than ninety days. The owner of such timber shall be liable to the owner of the land for any damages sustained by him by reason of such logs, timber or lumber lodging or remaining thereon.