§31-2-14. Foreclosure or judicial sale of railroad company.
If a sale shall be made under a trust deed or mortgage executed by a railroad corporation on all its works and property, or if the sale of such property shall be made under the decree of a court, and there be a conveyance to any person or persons pursuant to any such sale, said sale and conveyance shall pass to the purchaser at such sale, not only the works and property of the corporation as they were at the time of making the trust deed or mortgage, but any works which the company may, after that time and before the sale, have constructed, and all other property of which it may be possessed at the time of the sale, other than debts due to it. Upon such conveyance to the purchaser such company shall ipso facto be dissolved, and such purchaser shall forthwith be a corporation by any name which may be set forth in such conveyance, or in any writing signed by him or them, and recorded in the office of the clerk of the county court of any county wherein the property so sold, or any part thereof, is situated.