§28-5-8a. Manufacture of license plates, road signs or markers; securing signs and markers when federal government reimburses state for cost thereof.

For the purpose of obtaining license plates to be used upon motor vehicles licensed for operation in this state and road signs or markers of any description for state roads, the West Virginia commissioner of public institutions is hereby authorized and empowered on behalf of the state, to establish and operate a plant for the manufacture of such license plates and road signs or markers at the West Virginia Penitentiary at Moundsville, West Virginia.

It shall be unlawful for any state official or employee to manufacture or obtain such license plates, road signs or markers otherwise than as herein specified: Provided, however, That the state road commissioner may originally secure road signs or markers from sources other than that provided herein, when it is necessary in order to secure reimbursement from the United States against the cost thereof or against the cost of installation and erection thereof or against the cost of the project upon which the road signs or markers have been installed or are to be installed, in accordance with the regulations of the bureau of public roads of the United States department of commerce.