§27-17-3. License from director of health; application; regulations; revocation.
(a) No group residential facility shall be established, maintained or operated unless a license therefor shall be first obtained from the director of health, except that a group residential facility for behaviorally disabled juveniles shall be deemed to satisfy all requirements of this section by obtaining a license from the commissioner of human services. The application for such license shall contain such data and facts as the director may require. The director may promulgate reasonable regulations for the conduct of such facilities, including, but not limited to, a statement of the rights of patients in group residential facilities for the mentally and physically impaired to ensure the adequate care and supervision of such patients, and shall have the authority to investigate and inspect any such facility, and may revoke the license of any such facility for good cause after notice and hearing.

(b) A group residential home is not required to obtain a license from the director of health.