§27-2-2. Superintendents; qualifications and exceptions therefrom; salaries of superintendents and other officers and employees; furnishing of meals, household facilities, etc.
The superintendent of a state hospital shall be appointed for an indefinite period. He shall be a college graduate and have a minimum of two years' experience in business administration, health services administration or hospital administration with broad knowledge of accounting, purchasing and personnel practices as related to the rendition of health and health related services.

The provisions of this section relating to the qualification of persons eligible to serve as superintendent shall not apply to any person serving in the capacity of business manager on the effective date hereof, and who has served in such capacity for at least six consecutive months next preceding such effective date.

The superintendents and other officers and employees of each state hospital or center shall be paid salaries commensurate with their duties and responsibilities, but no meals or other emoluments of any kind shall be furnished, given or paid to such superintendents, officers or employees as all or part of their salary; however, such superintendents, officers and employees may be provided meals, household facilities and supplies as may be necessary for them to perform their duties, if such superintendents, officers and employees agree to pay the reasonable cost thereof as established by the director of the department of mental health.