§27-1A-7. Division of community services; powers and duties of supervisor.
There shall be a division of community services in the department of mental health. This division shall administer all funds made available to the state of West Virginia and any political subdivision thereof under the National Mental Health Act, and all other funds made available for use by this division. The director shall establish standards and criteria for reimbursing sponsoring groups for a portion of the cost of local mental health services which they may provide.

The supervisor of this division shall also have the following powers and duties:

(1) To establish standards for and supervise the operation of community mental health clinics for adults and children and to develop new community facilities and community service programs for the overall improvement of the regional mental health facilities.

(2) To develop a comprehensive and practical program of mental health education of the public, especially at the local level.

(3) To work with county mental hygiene commissions and circuit courts.

(4) To determine and approve schedules of reasonable cost for reimbursement by the patient or responsible relative for mental health services rendered.

(5) To perform any other duties assigned to the division by the director of the department.