§26-11-2. Supervision of each facility by administrator; qualifications of administrator; clinical director.
Each facility provided for in this article shall have a chief executive officer denominated an "administrator." The administrator shall be the person having the fiscal responsibility of the facility and the authority to manage and administer the financial, business and personnel affairs of the facility under the direction of the director of health. The administrator shall be a college graduate and have a minimum of two years experience in either hospital administration, health services administration or business administration with broad knowledge of accounting and personnel practices as related to the rendering of health and health-related services. Such qualifications shall not apply to any person who has served in the capacity of a superintendent for at least six consecutive months on the effective date of this section.

Each facility provided for in this article, with the exception of the Andrew S. Rowan Memorial Home, shall have a clinical director who shall have the responsibility for decisions involving clinical and medical treatment of patients and who shall be a physician having a license to practice medicine in the state of West Virginia.