§26-11-1. Management by director of health.
The director of health or his or her successor shall manage, direct, control and govern the Andrew S. Rowan memorial home, Denmar hospital, heretofore established and known as Denmar state hospital, Hopemont hospital, heretofore known as Hopemont state hospital, Pinecrest hospital, John Manchin, Sr., health care center, established as the Fairmont emergency hospital and formerly known as the Marion health care hospital and Welch emergency hospital and such other state health care facilities as are or may hereafter be created by law.

The director shall designate the functions of each facility and prescribe guidelines for the admission of persons thereto, pursuant to rules and regulations promulgated by the board of health, and shall supervise the business, personnel and clinical responsibilities of each facility: Provided, That in prescribing admission guidelines, precedence shall be given to persons unable to pay therefor.