§26-3-2. Admission of inmates.
Any man or woman shall be eligible for admission to said home who:

(1) Has attained the age of sixty years;

(2) Has resided in the state for at least one year immediately preceding the application;

(3) Has not made an assignment or transfer of property for the purpose of qualifying for public assistance;

(4) Is in need of continuing institutional care because of his physical or mental condition;

(5) Is actually in need and has not sufficient income or other resources to provide a subsistence compatible with decency and health; and

(6) Has no children, father, brothers, sisters or mother of sufficient financial ability to support such person in the manner required by the department of welfare.

No person shall be admitted to said home except upon the recommendation of the department of welfare, or unless such person be qualified to admission to said home under the provisions of sections three and four of this article.