§25-1B-6. Program support; Correctional Center Nursery Fund.
The division shall obtain sufficient resources to initiate and maintain the Correctional Center Nursery Program if the program is established. The division may accept gifts, grants, property, funds, money, interest on investment of the fund, materials, labor, supplies or services from the United States of America or from any governmental unit or any person, foundation, firm or corporation to support the program. All moneys collected shall be deposited in a special revenue account, designated the Correctional Center Nursery Fund, which is hereby created. Expenditures from the fund shall be for the purposes set forth in this article and are not authorized from collections but are to be made only in accordance with appropriation by the Legislature and in accordance with the provisions of article two, chapter eleven-b of this code: Provided, That for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth day of June, two thousand eight, expenditures are authorized from collections rather than pursuant to appropriation by the Legislature. If there are sufficient moneys in the fund, they shall be invested by the West Virginia Investment Management Board in accordance with the provisions of article six, chapter twelve of this code.