§25-1B-5. Collection of child support.
(a) The rights to support assigned by any inmate shall constitute an obligation of the person who is responsible for providing the support to the division for the support provided the inmate and child pursuant to the Correctional Center Nursery Program. The Bureau of Child Support Enforcement shall collect support payments made pursuant to the assignment and forward them to the division.

(b) The division may receive the following:

(1) Money that is assigned or donated on behalf of, and public assistance provided to, a specific inmate or child participating in the Correctional Center Nursery Program; and

(2) Money or other property assigned or donated to establish and maintain the Correctional Center Nursery Program.

(c) Ten percent of the moneys described in this section shall be placed in the mandatory savings account of the mother for whom the money was received. The remaining moneys shall be used for items not covered by other program funds.