§25-1-11d. Compensation of employees approved by commissioner; traveling and other expenses; payment of salaries.
The commissioner of corrections shall approve the salaries of all employees of the division of corrections. Salaries shall be commensurate with their duties and responsibilities, but no meals or other emoluments of any kind shall be furnished, given or paid to the employee as all or part of their salary. The employees may be provided meals, household facilities and supplies as may be necessary for them to perform their duties, if the employees agree to pay the reasonable cost as established by the commissioner of corrections. In the event of an emergency, such as a riot or other disturbance, the commissioner may authorize meals be provided to employees at no cost. Additionally, the commissioner may establish a procedure to reimburse employees reasonable costs in the event the employee's personal property is stolen or damaged by an inmate. All persons employed under this article are entitled to be reimbursed for necessary traveling and other expenses. The salaries, expenses and appropriations provided for the employees under the commissioner's jurisdiction shall be paid in the same manner as are those of other state employees and agencies and on a payment schedule set forth by the state auditor.