§24D-1-6. Application or proposal for cable franchise; fee; certain requirements.
(a) No cable franchise shall be issued except upon written application or proposal therefor to the franchising authority, accompanied by a fee of two hundred fifty dollars.

(b) An application for issuance of a cable franchise shall be made on a form prescribed by the commission. The application shall set forth the facts as required by the commission to determine whether a cable franchise should be issued, including facts as to:

(1) The citizenship and character of the applicant;

(2) The financial, technical and other qualifications of the applicant;

(3) The principals and ultimate beneficial owners of the applicant;

(4) The public interest to be served by the requested issuance of a cable franchise; and

(5) Any other matters deemed appropriate and necessary by the commission including the proposed plans and schedule of expenditures for or in support of the use of public, educational and governmental access facilities.

(c) A proposal for issuance of a cable franchise shall be accepted for filing only when made in response to the written request of the franchising authority for the submission of proposals.