§24A-2-3. Regulatory powers of commission.

The commission is vested with power and authority to supervise and regulate all common carriers by motor vehicle and to fix, alter, regulate, and determine just, fair, reasonable, and sufficient rates, joint rates, charges and classifications; to regulate the facilities, accounts, service and safety of operations of each such carrier, to regulate operating and time schedules so as to meet the reasonable needs of any community, so as to provide adequate transportation service to the territory traversed by such carriers, and so as to prevent unnecessary multiplication of service among common carriers by motor vehicle and between them and steam and electric railroads, to require the coordination of the service facilities and schedules of competing common carriers by motor vehicle or electric and steam railroads; to require the filing of annual and other reports, tariff, schedules, and other data by such common carriers, in all matters affecting the relation between such carriers and the public and between such carriers and other common carriers. The commission shall have power and authority, by general order or otherwise, to prescribe rules and regulations in conformity with this chapter applicable to any and all such common carriers by motor vehicle and to do all things necessary to carry out and enforce the provisions of this chapter.