§24-2F-2. Legislative findings.
The Legislature finds that:

(1) West Virginia has served the nation for many years as a reliable source of electrical power;

(2) The nation is on a rapid course of action to produce electrical power with an ever decreasing amount of emissions;

(3) To continue lowering the emissions associated with electrical production, and to expand the state's economic base, West Virginia should encourage the development of more efficient, lower-emitting and reasonably priced alternative and renewable energy resources;

(4) The development of a robust and diverse portfolio of electric-generating capacity is needed for West Virginia to continue its success in attracting new businesses and jobs. This portfolio must include the use of alternative and renewable energy resources at new and existing facilities;

(5) West Virginia has considerable natural resources that could support the development of alternative and renewable energy resource facilities at a reasonable price;

(6) Alternative and renewable energy resources can be utilized now to meet state and federal environmental standards, including those reasonably anticipated to be mandated in the future; and

(7) It is in the public interest for the state to encourage the construction of alternative and renewable energy resource facilities that increase the capacity to provide for current and anticipated electric energy demand at a reasonable price.