§24-2C-3. Monthly rate set by public service commission; prohibited and permissible charges.
(a) The monthly rate for tel-assistance service shall be set initially by the commission at the lower of: (1) The lowest priced service available to the consumer at the time of his or her application; or (2) seven dollars and fifty cents. All usage exceeding two dollars in value shall be charged for at the otherwise applicable tariff rate. No other local voice telephone service may be provided to the dwelling place of a tel-assistance consumer, nor may individual line foreign zone or foreign exchange service be provided to a tel-assistance consumer. An eligible telecommunications carrier may not impose an order processing charge or line charge when an existing consumer who is eligible for tel-assistance service changes to such service, nor may any charge be made when a tel-assistance service consumer loses his or her eligibility and changes to another class of residential service: Provided, That charges for the initial installation of service for a new consumer, or charges for moving a consumer's service from one dwelling place to another shall be made at the otherwise applicable tariff rate.

(b) The commission may, upon having set the rate initially for tel-assistance service as herein provided, change such rate from time to time upon a finding that is reasonable to do so, and may, in connection therewith increase or decrease the amount of local service usage provided as a part thereof.