§24-2-11b. Continuing prudence reviews.

(a) If, in granting a certificate of convenience and necessity for the construction of an electric utility generating plant, a facility to comply with the federal Clean Air Act, as amended, or transmission line, the commission determines that the completion date for such plant or line is more than one year from the date of the order granting the certificate, the commission may require that such construction project or projects be subject to a continuing prudence review pursuant to this section.

(b) If the commission determines that continuation of a certificate subject to a continuing prudence review is not warranted or that the certificate should be amended, it may rescind or modify its authorization for construction.

(c) The commission shall promulgate such rules and regulations as it determines are necessary for the administration of this section. The commission shall specify, either by rule or for a specific certificated project, the frequency of each prudence review, the rate-making treatment to be afforded partially completed projects, and such other terms and conditions as it determines are reasonable.