§24-2-4d. Procedures for intrastate rail carrier rate-making and compliants.

Inasmuch as the commission retains authority over intrastate rail rates and complaints pursuant to 49 United States Code §11501 and other federal law, and inasmuch as the commission's procedures are subject to periodic review and certification by the interstate commerce commission for compliance with federal standards, the general rate-making procedures set forth in section four-a, article two, chapter twenty-four of this code, shall not be applied to intrastate railroad rates. The commission shall promulgate its rules and regulations for the government of intrastate rail rates. Such rules shall contain notice requirements, grounds for rate suspension and the permitted suspension period, procedures for protest, standards for determining market dominance and rate reasonableness, burdens of proof, refund provisions, contract rate procedures and trackage rights. These rules shall also contain procedures for complaints and filing of contract rates. All final orders of the commission concerning intrastate rail rates shall be appealable to the interstate commerce commission in conformance with federally established standards of review.