§24-2-1b. Additional jurisdiction of commission.
(a) Effective the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred eighty-eight, in addition to all other powers and duties of the commission as defined in this article, the commission shall establish, prescribe and enforce rates and fees charged by commercial solid waste facilities, as defined in section two, article fifteen, chapter twenty-two of this code, that are owned or under the direct control of persons or entities who are regulated under section five, article two, chapter twenty-four-a of this code. The commission shall establish, prescribe and enforce rules providing for the safe transportation of solid waste in the state. The commission shall establish rules for the collection of waste tires by private commercial carriers of solid waste.

(b) The public service commission shall study the feasibility of incorporating and adopting guidelines for solid waste collection fees that are based upon the volume of solid waste generated by any person. This report shall be submitted to the governor and the members of the Legislature on or before the first day of January, one thousand nine hundred ninety-three.